Ana SayfaANALİZ-Morning Report(Trive Yatırım) [FNC-NEWS]----

ANALİZ-Morning Report(Trive Yatırım) [FNC-NEWS]

15 Mayıs 2024 - 09:09

The BIST needed some ?outside? help yesterday, and BOFA?s positive Banking report was just the right spark it needed to ignite a buying frenzy, lifting the gauge 1.17% higher to 10,173, peaking at 10,273, but failing to close above the 10,200-resistance level, with a turnover of TRY 103.7bn.
As such, the Banks spearheaded the gains, rising on average 2.47%, and followed by the 2.07% gains in the Conglomerates, whereas the REITs fell by 0.81% and the Transportation stocks fell by 0.73%.
BIMAS-SASA and GARAN were yesterday?s most bought blue-chips, whereas EKGYO-ENKAI and ASELS found themselves on the wrong end of the spectrum. The losses at EKGYO have aggregated to 12% in just 2 days.
As of print, the TRY is trading flat against both the USDD and the Euro at 32.29 and 34.98, respectively, whereas the DXY has dropped to below the 105 level to 104.95.
On the Bond?s side, the 2yr and 10yr yields both retreated 27bps and 19bps to 42.60% and 27.24%, respectively.
Looking now at the Commodities, Brent is trading higher this morning at $82.64, dropping yesterday after OPEC maintained its global demand forecasts, while GOLD is lower at $2357, ahead of today?s critical US CPI figures.
Speaking at a banking event in Amsterdam, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said that the central bank is unlikely to raise its key interest rate in response to signs of stubborn inflation. He also stressed that the Fed's preferred approach was to keep its benchmark rate at its current two-decade high rather than increase it.  Powell added that the US economy had been ?performing very well lately? but the first months of 2024 had been notable for the ?lack of progress? when it came to bringing inflation down to the central bank?s 2 per cent target. He stated that he expected inflation ?will move back down on a monthly basis to levels that were more like the lower readings we were having last year? but ?my confidence in that is not as high as it was?. He added the Fed needed to be ?patient and let restrictive policy do its work?.

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