Ana SayfaANALİZ-Morning Report(Trive Yatırım) [FNC-NEWS]----

ANALİZ-Morning Report(Trive Yatırım) [FNC-NEWS]

10 Temmuz 2024 - 09:06

The BIST100 closed yesterday 0.62% lower at 10.797, accompanied with a turnover of TRY 100.1bn, due to the 3.17% sales in the Banks, after their recent surge also made them too expensive, thus diverting investors into other sectors. However, the European markets were also in the red yesterday. However, the Transportation stocks managed to rise by 2%, and the Mining stocks also had a positive closing, followed by the Service stocks. The REITs also faced profit-takings of 0.27%, after their recent gains, coupled with speculations that the tax exemption on REITs may be cancelled. TAVHL-PGSUS and KOZAA were yesterday?s most bought BIST30 stocks, as opposed to YKBNK-AKBNK and FROTO shares, bearing the burden from TOASO on the back of BYD?s production investment in Türkiye. As of print, the TRY is trading weaker against the USD at 32.92, and a tad weaker against the Euro at 35.61, while the DXY is slightly lower at 105.10. The 2yr and 10yr Bond rates both rose by 36bps and 25bps to close at 40.13% and 27.52%, respectively. On the Commodity front, Brent has dropped to $84, whereas GOLD is slightly higher at $2369. At his testimony before Congress yesterday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell expressed concern that holding interest rates too high for too long could jeopardize economic growth, stating ?Reducing policy restraint too late or too little could unduly weaken economic activity and employment. Chair Powell also emphasized that ?More good data would strengthen our confidence that inflation is moving sustainability toward 2%.? Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, said that while inflation has come down significantly since hitting a peak in 2022, housing prices may take longer to follow suit. Inflated housing costs have made it harder for many to keep up with rising rent or mortgage payments, but said she expects inflation to continue falling. HSBC increased its 2024 growth rate for Türkiye to 3.8% from 3.1%, while maintaining it at 3.6% for 2025, and lowered its inflation outlook to 44.6% from 48% for 2024, and to 27.7% from 29% for 2025.
On the local front, The Unemployment Rate-Industrial Production will be released, while across the pond, the Wholesale figures will be disclosed, and Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, will be testifying before the Senate today.

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